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Welcome To Central Jamai Masjid Ghamkol Sharif, Birmingham, UK. "Learn to serve humanity"

Ghamkol Sharif Masjid (Mosque)
Ghamkol Sharif Masjid is managed by a trust, set up in early 1980's by the trustees of Dar-Ul-Uloom Islamia Ghamkol Sharif in the leadership of Hazrat Shaikh Sufi Mohammad Abdullah Sahib. Hazrat Shaikh Sufi Mohammad Abdullah Sahib came in the UK from Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan in the early 1960's on the FARMAAN/HUKM (order) of our beloved and blessed Shaikh (spiritual teacher) may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala raise his ranks to the highest level) Hazoor Zinda Peer Sahib to carry out Da'wa (convey the message of Islam to peoples from other faiths) and do Tarbiah of Muslim community according to the very spirit of Islam through Sufi tradition.

Description of the Masjid: The newly constructed, three storey Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif is one of the largest Masjid (Mosque) in Western Europe, with space to accommodate nearly 5,000 worshippers at one time. It is situated on the corner of Golden Hillock Road and Small Heath High Way (A45), Poets' Corner near Small Heath Railway Station. The Masjid is named after a Sufi Saint's place of residence, Ghamkol Sharif near Kohat, northern areas of Pakistan. Hazoor Zinda Peer Sahib's followers are illuminating the hearts and minds of others with Zikr of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala in various countries and especially in the UK. In joint programmes with the Birmingham Central Jamia Masjid (Mosque) Ghamkol Sharif, Birmingham City Council, City College, NHS, the Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif works to address the needs of local communities in Small Heath catchment areas.
Construction work was started on 15th March 1992 in the holy month of Ramadan (fasting). During the construction period, the holy Quran used to be recited by huffaz (huffaz is plural of hafiz and hafiz is a person who knows the whole holy Quran by heart) every night on site. Around £3.5 million were spent on this three storey megnifecent Masjid.

Being a law abiding, responsible and peace loving citizen, Hazrat Shaikh Sufi Mohammad Abdullah Sahib worked through out his working life. First he served in British Indian Army during the 2nd World War to defend the United Kingdom and her interests, then Pakistani Army and since came in the UK worked in a company in Birmingham to earn his livelyhood and contributed positively to the local economy. At the same time, they set up a trust to commence Quranic/Islamic classes for Muslim children and curriculum was devised for the classes which also included Urdu language.

Masjid Management Committee Structure

1. Patron
2. Chairman
3 Vice Chairperson
4. Secretary
5. Joint Secretary
6. Treasurer
4. Media Co-ordinator
6. Principal for Quran Classes
7. Interfaith Co-ordinator
8. Masjid Tour Co-ordinator


Denomination: Sunni/Hanafi/Sufi
Prayers offered: Yes
Language of Friday khutbah: Urdu and English
Patron: Shaikh Sufi Mohammad Abdullah sahib
Chairperson: Al-Hajj Raja Mohammad Saleem Akhtar
Imam: 2 full time Imaams
Type of governance: Trustees and Management Committee

Programmes in Masjid

Every Saturday: Mafil-E-Zikr Sharif in the Masjid @ 7:30pm.

Ghiarween Sharif: Monthly Basis

MiladUnabi: Yearly

Urs Sharif: Urs Sharif of Hazoor Zinda Peer sahib.


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